Our supply in industry

For thousands of industrial manufacturers, Master Han offers a lasting solution. For products ranging from bridges, ships, fuel pipelines and chemical containers to furniture and disk drives, Master Han's protective coating maintains the durability and performance of the product. Master Han helps industry deal with the most challenging natural and man-made conditions - humidity and ultraviolet radiation, organic and chemical pollution, deep-sea corrosion and widespread use. For advanced technology industries, the combination of competitiveness and eco-friendly performance is itself a major challenge. Master Han works closely with his industry partners to meet market expectations (characterized by a persistent pursuit of excellence in innovation, safety and efficiency) and compliance with regulatory requirements. We provide a variety of services and products to assist in the development of new solutions to protect and extend the shelf life of industrial equipment and manufactured products in similar fields such as metals and surface treatment, industrial coatings, inks and so on.

Chemical industry

We produce solutions for partners in the chemical industry. Our products include a wide range of processing agents and media, such as glass-polymer industry, chemical engineering and flame retardants.

Our products are increasingly used in mining activities, such as gold, silver, uranium mining.
Industrial equipment

The specific polymer products we prepared and manufactured fully meet the high requirements of industrial equipment. They contain a variety of different combinations of tolerance, such as corrosion resistance, extreme temperature and chemical corrosion.
Printing, Ink and Adhesive

We have developed a variety of additives and solvents for formulations of water-based and solvent-based inks and adhesives, and solvents for diluents, taking into account the new requirements of HSE.
Industrial and protective coatings

We offer a variety of products based on surface modification and constantly develop new formulations.
Metal surface treatment

Our materials and formulated products can modify and clean the surfaces of various generic and organic substrates.
Master Han in Industry

Master Han helped to manufacture world goods and services and adopted complementary solutions:
Minimization of friction and heat in mechanical processes Managing oil-water interface Provide effective ingredients for maximum effect Promote solubility Enabling product certification Master Han has also developed innovative solutions for the sustainable use of solvents in high-quality metal cleaning and dry cleaning applications. In addition, Master Han has developed raw materials for clean products used in institutional environments.

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