Our supply in buildings

With the rapid growth of global population, the pressure on existing cities is increasing, which leads to the use of intelligent technology and innovative materials. Architectural and construction solutions need to meet the ever-changing demand for sturdy and durable buildings, reduce energy consumption and improve people's sense of happiness in working and living in buildings. In response to the most concerned sustainable development strategy, our products and solutions can meet the higher requirements of new buildings and improve energy efficiency through better insulation and efficient heating and cooling systems. We focus on improving the service life of buildings, using non-toxic low-odor paints and coatings to protect buildings, and provide residents with safety solutions such as fire-proof household appliances and wiring. Master Han's creative paint solutions and high-performance products offer a variety of durable and weather-resistant options for urban landscapes. Urban planners can enrich the visual appeal of different parts of the city with a series of colors and surface textures - whether to maintain a sense of history and identity, create a dramatic mood or calm spirit, or illuminate public housing.

Resource efficiency

The scarcity of drinking water is becoming a challenge for many countries. In many cities, rainwater is increasingly recycled and used to irrigate plants and trees (vegetable exterior walls).

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