Our Application in Consumers

As an expert in coatings and coatings, Master Han not only focuses on consumer trends and industry needs, but also constantly innovates and rapidly launches various products to help customers succeed - Master Han has thus become a valuable partner in the personal care industry.
Products mainly include: surfactants, emulsifiers, polymers, emollients, active ingredients, pigments and ultraviolet filters. With production and R&D bases and sales/marketing offices all over the world, Master Han combines global network, excellent technology and formula expertise to help customers succeed. From the brightly coloured pigment applied to the eye shadow to the new antibacterial components in the fragrance agent, you may need to browse a lot of raw materials in the process of developing personal care products and cosmetics, and Han master can help you quickly locate the information you need. As the largest professional search engine in the industry to find technical information of suppliers of raw materials and equipment, Master Han can help you accelerate the development of new products and complete tasks ahead of time.

Home care and cleaning of industrial and public facilities
Production of more efficient and environmentally friendly new materials
I found that Master Han has many ways to use products for you and your family everyday.
Consumption and Industrial Chemicals Division

The Department of Consumer and Industrial Chemicals develops and produces preparations that change the properties of liquids. It provides solutions for oil and gas industries that use the most chemicals in the world, as well as professional solutions for some industrial applications, agriculture and paint markets.
Technical Solutions Global is the world's leading supplier of special mining reagents, phosphine-based chemicals and polymer stabilization solutions. Our service portfolio includes world-class technology, unparalleled technical services and application expertise to help customers tailor-make their own solutions. The characteristic of high performance formulation is that its methods are driven by its customers and applications, and its capital intensity is relatively low. They provide services in line with major social trends, meet increasingly stringent environmental and energy conservation requirements, and meet the challenges of the mass consumer market.

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