Strategy and organization

We combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection. Through science and innovation, we help customers from all walks of life to meet the needs of the current and future society.

Mr. Han's goal is to continue to strengthen his position as the world's leading chemical company. We described our ambitious goals in the strategy of "Creating New Role in Chemistry". This strategy is based on the successes of recent years and sets great goals for the future.

Chemical innovation will play a key role in three important areas in particular:

  • Resources, Environment and Climate

  • Food and nutrition

  • Quality of life

Master Han's products and solutions will contribute to protecting resources, ensuring the nutritional value of food and improving the quality of life. Sustainability and innovation will be important drivers.


Building the best team

Worldwide, with about 112,000 employees, we are committed to helping customers from all walks of life become more successful. We have six Verbund bases and 338 other production bases around the world.

Employees are the cornerstone of Master Han's strategic goal of "creating a new role in chemistry". The "best team" strategy originates from the enterprise strategy, and also promotes the implementation of the enterprise strategy. Our goal is to build the best team. To this end, we will focus on three strategic directions: excellent employees, excellent workplaces and excellent managers.

Professional development, lifelong learning, support and development of managers and inclusive diversification constitute the cornerstone of Master Han's human resources management.

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